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Wahre Liebe Spiel Wahre Liebe Spiel
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Go on an erotic journey of discovery with your partner!This erotic board game for couples is exciting, direct and daring, sometimes funny but never disrespectful towards a partner. Get to know one another better, discover entirely new aspects of yourself and spice up your love life...Content: 1 boar..
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Valentine Challenge Calendar Valentine Challenge Calendar
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Love calendar with 24 thrills! There are 24 erotic tasks behind the calendar's doors. The tasks are perfect for diverse and exciting moments of fun with a partner. A couple just needs to take it in turn to open a door and then they can enjoy the creative ideas together. The tasks are in 10 languages..
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Ultiem Verlangen Dutch board g Ultiem Verlangen Dutch board g
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Join your partner on an erotic expedition!This erotic board game for couples is arousing, direct and daring - sometimes funny, but never disrespectful to the partner. Get to know each other even better, discover new aspects and spice up your love life.....
CHF 53.96 CHF 71.94
Heart Full of Eroticism DE/ITA Heart Full of Eroticism DE/ITA
-25 %
Enjoy hot fun with a partner with erotic tasks!A thrilling and sensual game for two. HE or SHE uses the tweezers to pull out one of the 100 rolled up pieces of paper that are inside the heart-shaped box. There is either a task, suggestion or challenge on the pieces of paper that the players then hav..
CHF 22.46 CHF 29.94
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An extremely erotic and diverse game for couples for those who love (s)experimenting! Six sexy tasks have to be done and that is why tasks on fanfold paper (in 10 languages) and high-quality accessories are included with the game. The accessories are two sex dice (1 with positions, 1 with places), t..
CHF 40.46 CHF 53.94
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