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Feathers & Tickler

Tease Tease
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Feather tickler of the official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection.Trail the soft, gentle feathers over your partner’s skin and tease them to attention for a sensual prelude to bedroom play. Made from luxurious feathers with a natural variation in length to tickle and tease your partner and ma..
CHF 15.26 CHF 20.34
Pink feather Pink feather
-25 %
A tickling accessory!Approx. 22 cm long, pink ostrich feather on a 40 cm long wand. A great addition to a maid outfit not only for dusting but also for tickling and caressing!..
CHF 17.96 CHF 23.94
FSOG Sweet Anticipation Faux F FSOG Sweet Anticipation Faux F
-25 %
For erotic, tickling fun! The feather tickler Sweet Anticipation Faux Feather Tickler from Fifty Shades of Grey has a soft, red pom pom made out of artificial feathers on an easy-to-hold, black stick. Includes a storage bag. Complete length 25.5 cm, handle 18 cm long.Artificial feathers, ABS, silico..
CHF 15.26 CHF 20.34
FFS Frisky Feather Duster FFS Frisky Feather Duster
-25 %
For erotic tickling! Soft feather pompom on a flexible stick with a wrist loop. Perfect for sensual foreplay fun – gentle stroking or stimulating tickling increase the pleasure a lot! The wrist loop means that the feather tickler is easy to hold and can guided around a partner's body in a fun way. C..
CHF 10.80 CHF 14.40
Feather Wand black Feather Wand black
-25 %
Brand: Bad Kitty
Erotic accessory!This feather wand fulfills every desire! One end of the wand has an imitation leather heart for gentle spanks and the other end has a feather for teasing tickles. Complete length 25 cm. Feather, ABS, PU...
CHF 11.66 CHF 15.54
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