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Mr. Grey will see you now!This exciting erotic game makes it possible to reenact the successful "Shades of Grey" films. It contains 24 playing cards that give instructions for erotic couple games. The included coin decides who is the master and who is the slave. The game is rounded off by 13 high-qu..
CHF 89.95
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Brand: Gigimax
Tricky, sexy and informative!Revealing card game for sexperts and those who want to become one. The sought words have to be found before all hints have been revealed. There are six categories to choose from (flirt, foreplay, main act, interesting facts, accessories and bizarre). Can be played alone ..
CHF 14.95
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Brand: Lintimo
The classic for boob lovers!This card game with 32 different boob cards that compete against each other (like Top Trumps) will have you burst into laughter. Perfect as a gift, for parties, to play with room mates or with your partner at the beach. It will put a big smile on everyones' faces and also..
CHF 12.90
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Brand: Lintimo
The card game for admirers of breasts!Semi-serious memo card game with the goal of finding 12 matching breast types. Breasts memo is the successor of the games hit "Breasts Quartets". The perfect present for every occasion. Can also be used as a drinking game.24 cards. Cardboard...
CHF 16.95
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