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Sexy Delicacies

Sweet tickle powder Sweet tickle powder
-30 %
For oral pleasures!Sherbet powder with a fruity strawberry flavour for tasty pleasures! The point: as soon as the powder gets wet, it starts tickling and prickling! Whether in the mouth, belly button, on the nipples or elsewhere - enjoy this sweet tingling sensation. Indulge each other!..
CHF 3.32 CHF 4.74
Noodles "Penis Pasta" 200 g. Noodles "Penis Pasta" 200 g.
-30 %
Cooking with passion!Pasta in penis-form - makes hungry for sex...Milled durum..
CHF 8.36 CHF 11.94
Liqueur Popsy&Friends 8pcs Liqueur Popsy&Friends 8pcs
-30 %
The tasty liqueur shot!Content:2 x blue fig liqueur, 20% alc/vol2 x green herb liqueur, 30% alc/vol2 x red fruit liqueur, 15% alc/vol2 x cream-coloured vanilla/caramel-cream liqueur, 15% alc/volEach inside a 0.02 l plastic bottle (sperm design)...
CHF 16.76 CHF 23.94
Disp. Tingling Sex 36pcs
-30 %
Display for 36 pieces!Sherbet powder with fruity strawberry flavour for tasty pleasures. 25 g bags. Size: 9 cm x 14 cm...
CHF 116.76 CHF 166.80
Candy String Candy String
-30 %
As sweet as candy!A sweet string made out of edible sugar pearls. With stretchy elastic bands. For anyone with a sweet tooth! One size...
CHF 10.04 CHF 14.34
Candy posing pouch (t) Candy posing pouch (t)
-30 %
For sweet tooth's!The perfect surprise for anybody that wants to surprise their partner with a sugary treat.210 g...
CHF 10.04 CHF 14.34
Candy g-string heart Candy g-string heart
-30 %
Sweet & sexy!Edible ladies g-string made of rose and pink candy beads that are strung together, with a red heart in front. Edible thong with a red heart front. 160 g...
CHF 10.04 CHF 14.34
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