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privacy policy

I - Confidentiality and data protection policy 

1.1. Introduction
Browsing the website and registering as a customer in the online store presupposes understanding and acceptance of this privacy and data protection policy. maintains a constant concern for the protection of the confidentiality of personal data and a preventive action in terms of site security and the protection of the data of its customers and visitors.  

To enhance privacy safeguards data to personal, new data protection measures have been put in place at the time to verify the legitimacy of the use of data to processed personal data and to ensure respect for human rights recognized to the persons concerned.          

Thus, the information in this text are intended to convey, clearly and without ambiguity, the content of the privacy policy and data protection to personal data which will be processed in accordance with the conditions established in the general data protection regulations in force (hereinafter GDPR) and delimited by the content of the commercial relationship to be established between the data holder and .         

1.2. Types of personal data collected
In general, data on personal are collected in three situations resulting directly from the activity on .    

1.2.1. User registration: opening of the customer account and purposes of data processing
In order to create the customer account, a personal space is provided in which the customer must enter the data necessary to be identified as a customer. The first purchase will depend on this additional personal data necessary to process the order and to delivery.    
Mandatory fields in the forms available for these registration phases are marked with an asterisk (*). is committed to protecting customer data and will never be made to the third parties without the consent of the owner or his consent, as required by law.    
When processing the customer's order, it is possible that some personal data (such as address and postal code) may be disclosed to third parties for the sole purpose of preventing and detecting fraud and always to following a official request from the competent authorities.    
In addition, when you make a purchase on the site, you will also be asked for data relating to the delivery address and payment details, in order to guarantee efficiency and optimal delivery times.
The data provided will be kept for the strictly necessary period which normally corresponds to the period of existence of the customer account. Consequently, at the moment when the customer triggers the deletion of the customer account, the personal data will be definitively deleted, with the exception of data necessary for compliance with legal obligations which will be archived in a database specific for this purpose and only in respect of the legal basis. If you want to make a new order on the site, the client must proceed to a new initial registration in accordance with the conditions prevailing at the date of registration.           

We may also collect other information about the customer experience on the site for the sole purpose of improving the service to be provided to the customer, which we will do after confirmation of our knowledge and, where applicable.    

For what purpose is the data collected used?

Customer data is processed in the framework of actions such as order processing, notifying the customer of any changes to the site's features, surveys and evaluation of interactions with statistical purposes.  
We may also periodically send you information about products and services, campaigns, promotions and special offers. If the client does not wish to be contacted for these purposes, you can cancel your subscription to the newsletter by opting out in the Manage permissions tab in the account data area or by clicking on the link provided in the letter text. information for that specific effect.      

1.2.2. Customer contact with
Whenever the customer, on his own initiative, contacts to obtain information on the products, the purchasing process, the status of the order or to report any situation linked to the site, may come to collect data on personal with multiple purposes will be provided specifically in this case, but can generally be classified in the following situations:       

1. i) Confirm the identity of the client, the reason for the contact.       
In order to ensure that contact is actually made by the data subject, has implemented measures aimed at strengthening the confirmation of the identity of the contact person for cases in which contact is made by telephone.      

Thus, in effect from May 25, 2018, the operator will make the call after communication, in clear terms and objectives, purpose and validation requirements of the identity client and the express confirmation by the latter intends to continue contact in such conditions.    

After validating the identity of the client, the operator will ask key questions based on the description of the reason for the contact, in order to paint a picture of the situation and possibly   

1.2.3. contact with the client
As part of the processing of a specific order, it may be necessary for customer service to contact the customer for: 
2. i) Confirmation or rectification of some of the personal data necessary to complete the delivery process (for example, delivery address). In this case, contact is established with the mobile phone number present in the customer account and, once the connection is established, the operator confirms the identity of the caller by following the procedure described in section 2.2.2. /. (i) above.           

1.2.4. Cookies and other marketing tools Classification and description of cookies

As for the type:

Essential - allows you to navigate the site and use its functionality. Without these cookies, requests cannot be processed. 

Functional or performance - gather information on how the user uses the site with a view to improving the functionality of the site. They allow you to check the areas of most interest to the customer, by measuring the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. Thus, can identify the products and promotions best suited to the interests and needs of the client via: the preparation of statistics based on the non-individualized behavior of the client and the subsequent use of the site; measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns; the subsequent introduction of navigation improvements, etc., for the sole purpose of improving the performance and efficiency of the website response. For this reason, performance cookies provided by authorized third parties are used for the purposes indicated here.    

Analytical - used anonymously for statistical purposes and to improve the functioning of the site, never collect personal information. They can highlight articles that may be of interest to customers or visitors, monitor site performance, determine the most effective method for linking pages, or even explain why certain pages are receiving error messages.    

Regarding validity : 

Permanent - stored on the computer or client equipment, between browser sessions, to keep settings or preferences and to improve the use of the site during the next visit. 
Session - limited to each user-initiated session, which expires each time a session is ended in the browser. They may aim to indicate products previously placed in the basket, identify problems and ensure a better browsing experience. Certain session cookies may still constitute an enhanced security guarantee . Enable and disable cookies and similar technologies

The newsletters and other communications may, for statistical purposes, contain information to help you know if they are open and verify clicks via links they contain. However, it is always granted to the customer to cancel the sending of the newsletter or the communication by email via the specific option mentioned in the same.    
In addition, in the Help menu of the browser used, the customer can manage the use of cookies and other similar technologies. As indicated in the message visible at the top of this page, access to the online store requires the use of cookies and the deactivation of the same condition for browsing the site.   
For more information, it is suggested to consult the information provided in each browser or to consult articles containing specific information on the subject (for example, Individualized product promotion communications

Depending on the customer's choice in terms of standard or personalized experience, may or may not send an email , in the form of a notification or newsletters, through which it conducts general or customer-oriented promotional campaigns. In both cases, the reception of such communications is only made after verification that the client has given his express and unequivocal consent and that he has been informed of his right to cancel, at any time, the authorizations granted. for such communications. At any time, customers can check the permissions in the processing of data in personal in the "Manage Permissions" from your account.            
The processing of data in personal performed under individualized communications is performed in strict compliance with the RGPD, either by employees of or any third party to which said data is transmitted in order to provide services necessary for effective communication.           

1.3. Security of data processing uses one of the most secure online ordering systems on the market and enhances its software to provide security the most high as possible to its customers. A server certificate, also called a digital certificate, secures our identity as well as the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption of the transmitted data.        

1.4. Limitation of objectives, access and conservation undertakes to use the personal data of its customers and visitors for the purposes strictly necessary for the pursuit of its activity, within the limits provided for by the scope of the same thing or by the scope of the consent expressly granted by the respective holder. This also means that the data will not be transmitted to any third party without the knowledge and / or authorization of the third party in cases where calls to the list are legally required.         

In this sense, also guarantees that the access of these employees to such data is only made to the exact extent that is necessary for the execution of the action in question, and the latter are identified and monitored according to the functions and tasks they are assigned in the context of the contractual relationship between them.     

1.5. Rights of data subjects

1.5.1. Right to rectify and right to delete personal data

If you wish to exercise your right to rectify data, the customer must send the corresponding request identifying data to change and the new enunciation of it by mail electronically to . The same procedure must be followed if the customer wishes to exercise his right to delete personal data. In both cases, the customer will receive confirmation, through the same channel as that used, that their request has been processed as requested.         

1.6 Changes to the privacy and contact policy 

1.6.1. Any modification to this privacy and data protection policy will be published on the website .
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