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For vibrating solo pleasure or hot fun with a partner! A flexible couple's vibrator with a vibro-bullet at either end. Both ends can be inserted at the same time for solo fun. If you are having fun with a partner, you can each insert an end and can each enjoy a vibro-bullet. The bullets can be inser..
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For vibrating foreplay fingering fun! Flexible double finger sleeve that includes an insertable vibro-bullet. The long finger has stimulating dots on the wonderfully curved, elongated tip. The tip can reach the G-spot or P-spot. The shorter finger has a bulging tip. With a Soft Touch texture that fe..
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A small toy for diverse fun! Couple's vibrator in a ring shape with very flexible arms for various foreplay fun and hot pleasure in and on the body. The 2 motors have powerful vibrations in 10 different modes. The modes can be easily adjusted using the button on the toy. The soft ends flutter and li..
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Spot-on stimulation! This vibrator provides spot-on pleasure! The vibrator always reaches the right area that's meant to be stimulated with its round and narrow tip – whether it's the nipples, clitoris, P-spot, perineum or anus. The length of the G-spot vibrator's tip always reaches its target quick..
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Double and triple stimulation! The extremely flexible double vibrator – the Remote Controlled Couple's Vibrator from Couples Choice – has 10 vibration modes at either end. It stimulates the internal and external hotspots in a very hot way: the flexible arms can pleasure the hotspots directly and the..
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The massager for a handbag! The Massager provides pleasure with its soft surface and pleasant bulging shape! In contrast to other massage wands, the easy-to-hold massager can reach all the corners of the body that usually don't get as much attention as they'd like. The 10 vibration modes also help t..
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More fun in twos for everyone!The stiff end gets inserted into the vagina and the flexible end lies on the clitoris or gets inserted into the anus. The man can insert it so that the stiff end is inside the anus and the flexible end can stimulate the perineum – this means that this vibrator is perfec..
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