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Paso nero Paso nero
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Brand: Close2you
Powerful orgasm-giver! This masturbator has 3 efficient motors that provide pleasure with 7 vibration modes. The vibration modes provide gentle to powerful massages for pleasurable climaxes. The stimulating inner dots and grooves provide additional pleasure, while the ergonomic design makes it easy ..
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Flores Piccolo Magenta Flores Piccolo Magenta
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Brand: Close2you
Melodious eroticism!"Flores piccolo", the little sister of “Flores”, powerfully stimulates with its grooved design, while the ´conductor´ uses the controls (in the shape of a treble clef) to provide pianissimo pleasure. The pearl of pleasure also gets simultaneously stimulated in time to the music. ..
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Corallino Corallino
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Brand: Close2you
Waterproof and powerful!Perfect for spontaneous pleasure (even on the go) because this handy, pink, mini lay-on vibrator fits in every girl´s handbag! The new OptiGasm technology provides high and low frequencies. These frequencies create very deep vibrations that spread throughout the body. It als..
CHF 26.96 CHF 35.94
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