Most of us own sex toys, but are we using them in partnered play? The TIANI 3 is a couples’ massager that stimulates both partners simultaneously. It’s also hands-free, which means you can take it out for a night on the town and let your partner control your vibrations at the dinner table. You’ll be begging for dessert. Check out the reviews below!


LELO Tiani 3 Review: An Awesome Couple’s Vibrator

“It’s worth noting that in both of these SenseMotion modes, the controller and the massager vibrate. At first I thought this was odd, since it doesn’t really help increase pleasure. After some time, I realized that this would allow two females to enjoy the vibrations delivered together as well as give sensory feedback to the person using the remote as to how hard the Tiani 3 is moving inside your partner, allowing for better control over the sensations felt by both parties involved.”


Tiani 3 Review: LELO’s Small Couples’ Vibrator Packs a Punch

“This was also great for my cam shows meaning that I didn’t have to mess around with finding the button on the inserted toy in order to shake things up. My customers enjoyed my games of tipping me to shake the remote, providing me with an exciting new game to play with my audience, as well as a lot of pleasure for me!”


Lelo Tiani 3 Review: The Best Couples Vibrator

“The Tiani 3 is great for positions that require your hands to be elsewhere!  It is also great if your body is too close to your hubby’s to hold a vibrator between the two of you.

In addition to opening up many other sexual positions to clitoral stimulation during sex, but the Lelo Tiani 3 is very easy to use.  This is one of the easiest to use vibrators that Lelo makes, due to the simple remote control. No vibration modes – simply adjust the vibration intensity, which is what most of us ladies are interested in anyway.”


My Partner and I Tried Lelo’s Remote-Controlled Tiani 3 — Here’s Our Honest Review

“I was excited to try out the toy with my partner, especially considering this would be the first time we would have the chance to explore a remote-controlled toy for more involved play. The variety of settings available got us in the mood to explore what kind of scene-play we could incorporate around the toy, both as foreplay and intercourse.”


Couples Review: Lelo Tiani 3

“In missionary position, it took some maneuvering to get the Tiani in place. With him on top, the smaller arm stayed put and I was able to feel the vibrations both internally and externally. I let him control the vibrations until we found one that we both enjoyed. It felt amazing on my clitoris and the orgasm was nothing short of exhilarating.

Like she said, this sex toy is ideal for missionary position. I could feel the vibrations running across the top of my penis with each thrust. Her eyes were rolling back pretty good at the same time so I assume she was enjoying it as well.”