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Small bag with saucy content for bad girls!This small, beautiful vinyl bag with a quilted design contains an opaque blindfold, handcuffs and a small flogger.Black. Polyurethane, polyester, metal...
CHF 53.80
Ex Tax:CHF 49.95
Brand: Bad Kitty
Collar and flogger in one! This mini flogger with a collar is a must-have for any SM lover. The most important instrument is always to hand, wether the wearer has masochistic or sadistic tendencies. The imitation leather feels very soft against the skin and gives this set a stylish look- The flogger..
CHF 32.26
Ex Tax:CHF 29.95
They can be worn by men or women! A comfortable bra with attachable silicone breasts. It creates a breathtaking cleavage in the blink of an eye. The breasts stand out thanks to their realistic look and feel. There is a slight indentation at the back of the silicone breasts so that the bra can also b..
CHF 182.01
Ex Tax:CHF 169.00
Extremely lifelike!This pair of connected silicone breasts really stands out because they look and feel extremely realistic. The wide straps can be adjusted for a perfect fit and a comfortable fit. The straps are removable. Nude colour. With nipples...
CHF 107.65
Ex Tax:CHF 99.95
They can be worn by men or women! Silicone breasts that look and feel realistic. There is a slight indentation at the back of the breasts so that this "special bra" can also be worn by women with small breasts. With adjustable and removable straps. Circumference 86-105 cm, weight of each breast 1200..
CHF 192.78
Ex Tax:CHF 179.00
This is how you can finish off every outfit!Beautiful choker made of black lace with 6 eyelets and satin lacing to tie the choker together and to adjust the length. Complete length approx. 32 cm, height approx. 6 cm. Material: 100% polyester...
CHF 10.72
Ex Tax:CHF 9.95
The very special chain!Three rows of pearls go around the neck and they are attached to the bikini chain by a further chain that can be fastened using a little snap hook. There is a small tassel over the stomach. Black...
CHF 21.49
Ex Tax:CHF 19.95
A discreet nipple cover!Soft and skin-coloured stickers with adhesive coating to stick on the nipples. Made out of textile and silicone. They also cover stiff nipples and the areola reliably. In a floral shape, Ø 7 cm. 6 pairs...
CHF 7.49
Ex Tax:CHF 6.95
An extremely fashionable accessory! This delicate chain harness doesn't just look hot, but it feels great when worn too. It is looks and feels extremely erotic, whether your wearing a shirt/blouse underneath or nothing at all. Decorative, silver-coloured chain with a round rhinestone at the front an..
CHF 26.87
Ex Tax:CHF 24.95
An erotic eye-catcher!Black embroidered choker decorated with white pearls and rhinestones. There is a satin ribbon at the back to tie the chocker together. Length approx. 36 cm, height approx. 5 cm. 100% polyester...
CHF 9.64
Ex Tax:CHF 8.95
Delicate mask for thrilling games of seduction!Beautiful black mask made out of delicate, elaborate embroidery. With holes for the eyes. The lace ribbon can be tied at the back of the head. 100% polyester...
CHF 8.56
Ex Tax:CHF 7.95
Erotic detail for your thigh!White garter with approx. 9 cm wide embroidery and a stretchy satin strap. Decorated with a glittery stone and a bow. 100% polyester...
CHF 12.87
Ex Tax:CHF 11.95
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