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Anal Beads

Anal pleasure XXL!Silky smooth anal beads with 7 whisper-quiet vibration modes. Very stimulating shape with 4 beads. The tapered tip guarantees an easy insertion. Pleasantly flexible and with a wide base for extra comfort. Waterproof. Can be recharged with the included USB cable.Complete length 17 c..
CHF 82.88
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Brand: You2Toys
For those who always wanted to try out pampering their back passage!These anal beads are perfectly suited for people who are less experienced when it comes to anal lust. With its 6 pearls that begin with a diameter of 1 cm and then continuously increase up to 2.5 cm, you can raise your lust bead by ..
CHF 10.72
Ex Tax:CHF 9.95
Silky-soft anal beads with retraction loop. Black. Total length 18.5, insertion depth 15 cm. ø 1.3 - 2.6 cm. Material: silicone...
CHF 13.95
Ex Tax:CHF 12.95
Pure pleasure, bead for bead!Six black beads on a chain. All the beads are different sizes (Ø 2.3-3.9 cm). Slightly flexible. With a retraction loop. Complete length approx. 40 cm. Material: silicone...
CHF 26.87
Ex Tax:CHF 24.95
Perfect for beginners wanting to try anal fun!These small anal beads with 3 beads are a perfect, gentle introduction to anal pleasure: just insert them into the anus, enjoy the beads and then pull them out using the retraction ring just before an orgasm.Complete length 13.5 cm, bead Ø 1 x 1.6 cm, 2 ..
CHF 13.95
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The perfect beginner's set for anal exploration!4-piece toy set with popular items for the first experiments with butt play. Includes an anal douche, butt plug, anal beads and a vibrating butt plug. All toys have a flared base and/or a finger loop so you can enjoy bum fun without any worries. The bu..
CHF 48.41
Ex Tax:CHF 44.95
Brand: Icicles
A beautiful pleasure specialist and a lifelong lover!Curved anal beads made out of hand-blown glass with 7 beads and a handy retraction ring. Odourless, anti-allergenic and very hygienic because it's really easy to clean – it can even be put in the dishwasher. Tip: warming it up in the bath or cooli..
CHF 47.33
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Brand: Lust
Plop, plop, plop – then the three extra large beads are in!The anal beads are wonderfully flexible and its retraction ring means that you can easily guide it where you want to go (and, of course, for pulling the beads out). All three beads are the same size and are more for experts because they have..
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Official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection.Smooth, silicone anal beads to stimulate one of your most sensitive spots for intensely pleasurable results. Apply plenty of water-based anal lubricant to the beads and yourself before gently inserting the smallest bead, then gradually insert the lar..
CHF 21.49
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Brand: You2Toys
Use one end for anal penetration while you control your action with the other end and the dotted handle. Anal plug and 7 graduated beads. Full size: 32 cm. Plug penetration depth: 8.5 cm, 1-2.4 cm diameter. Bead string penetration depth: 21 cm, 0.7-2.4 cm diameter. Black. Lubricant included. Materia..
CHF 21.49
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This set of heavy abs coated balls are joined together to provide the perfect anal or vaginal sensation. Designed for beginner or advanced anal play, they are suitable for soft or strong play. Each ball is smooth and seamless, held in place by a strong cord. The abs material is easy to clean and ke..
CHF 24.90
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Are you ready to enjoy anal sex? Now Addicted toys makes it easy with this chain of anal balls so you can enjoy it like never before. They have 8 balls that increase in size as they go inside, soft touch and ring to facilitate their extraction and play safely. In one of the chains the balls are ro..
CHF 18.90
Ex Tax:CHF 18.90
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