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yvex Love Longer 10pc yvex Love Longer 10pc
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Brand: Yvex
Be able to last longer in bed thanks to glans desensitisation!The innovative Love Longer penis sleeve from yvex for uncircumcised men is worn regularly during the day to sustainably delay orgasm during sex. By wearing Love Longer, the foreskin of the penis is kept in a retracted state. This can be c..
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yvex Condom+ 10pcs yvex Condom+ 10pcs
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Brand: Yvex
Extra-strong outer walls for a great reduction in sensitivity.Transparent Condom+ from yvex for longer-lasting fun in bed! The increased wall thickness ensures less noticeable friction on the glans and can thus prolong the pleasure. In addition, the condoms also offer special safety during anal inte..
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