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For fulfilling anal pleasure! The flexible vibro-butt plug is a wonderful shape which makes it perfect for stimulating the prostate and perineum. It can also be used to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris. It can be inflated at the push of a button so that it is nice and large – for an amazing ful..
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All-round pleasure with thrilling electrical stimulation! Flexible vibrator with a clitoral stimulator for amazing moments of pleasure: the flexible shaft massages the vagina intensely with its stimulating, pronounced grooves and thrilling electrical impulses. The vibrator’s large head provides spot..
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With thrilling electrical impulses for the backdoor! Rechargeable butt plug with 3 electrical stimulation strengths and 7 vibration modes – everything can be controlled separately using the buttons on the rechargeable remote control. A partner can also use the remote control for surprising moments o..
CHF 79.95
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Brand: Mystim
Accessory for e-stim device "Tension Lover" (item number 05289270000) or "Pure Vibes (item number 05297610000). Black four-polar prostate stimulator that works with two separate circuits for prostate and perineum stimulation, resp. The plug features Flex & Stay technology (can be individually deform..
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Brand: Mystim
All That Glitters is Not Gold - YES, it is!Mystim's "The Goldfather" is a deluxe 23 carat lube. It glitters, it glides and creates this "I want this" feeling. It's a high grade lube, 100% compatible with condoms, ph-balanced, water-soluble and free of grease. They added electrolytes to the formula, ..
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Brand: Mystim
Digital stimulation device for electronic stimulation (soft tingling, rhythmical pulsation, sensual thrusting). Two separately controllable channels, 7 programmes for the satisfaction of individual demands (tender to hard). Timer: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes. Intensity, impulse width and frequ..
CHF 139.80
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Brand: Mystim
A real team player!The rechargeable Sultry Sub is an electrosex receiver with an included remote control. An unlimited number of Sultry Subs can be connected to the electric stimulation device Cluster Buster. They then send electric impulses to one, two or three Mystim toys or even to an unlimited n..
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Brand: Mystim
A completely new pleasure feeling!Dilator for electro-stimulation in combination with a stimulation current device (No. 0528927 0000 or No. 0529761 0000). Silver coloured. Complete length approx. 15 cm, Ø 0.6 cm. Cable length approx. 98 cm. Material: aluminium...
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Brand: Mystim
Your accessory!Self-adhesive reusable electrodes (40 x 40 mm). Suitable for all gadgets with a 2mm-plug...
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Brand: Baile
Make your nipples quiver with these vibrating clamps. They are fully adjustable to almost all nipple sizes and their soft cover ensures maximum comfort. It has 7 vibration functions and 3 intensity levels for electroshock stimulation. Enjoy these incredible sensations. Features.12 vibration mo..
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Brand: Mystim
This set of loops provides especially intense stimulation and causes tingly, sensual feelings - sensational climaxes, depending on the current strength. You can either position the loops around the glans or the penis root, but should mind that the strap connected with the black cable is closest to t..
CHF 35.80
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Brand: Mystim
Perfect for electrosex beginners!The Mystim Pure Vibes is a reliable starter device for neverending stimulation from soft tingling, rhythmic pulsating to sensual thrusting, depending on the mode chosen. There are no limitations concerning your imagination and joy of experimenting. Because there are ..
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