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A need for men!Folding ruler (2 m) made of lacquered wood with full erotic surface print on 2 sides. Comes in a see-through package with a suspension device...
CHF 8.95
Willy Bath Fizzer 100g Willy Bath Fizzer 100g
For thrilling, fruity, fizzy bathtime – alone or with a partner! Penis shaped bath bomb that will start fizzing as soon as it gets put in warm water. It then releases its fruity strawberry scent. Extra large for long-lasting fizzy fun. 10 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm large. 100g...
CHF 5.95
Cook something funny and surprise to your friends or your couple with this mold with pennis design for egg fryers.  Give your eggs a shape that will raise more than an eyebrow! Simply place in the frying pan, crack your eggs inside and cook as normal et voila! Beautifully shaped kinky cuisine!..
CHF 7.58
A baking tin for cheeky party fun!Are you looking for a funny surprise for a birthday or hen party? Then this penis-shaped baking tin made out of carbon steel is just the right thing for you! Whether you want to bake a cake, make ice cream or make blancmange, your sweet surprise will be ready in the..
CHF 12.95
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