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Body Care & Hygiene

Perfect for hygienic sex!Soft tampons for women who want to have fun during their period without their partner realising that they are on their period. The tampons offer hygienic protection, and are easy to insert and remove. They are perfect for sex or other activities like going to the sauna or th..
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Brand: Hot
Make your bum gleam!It has never been easier to pimp the area around your anus. The very sensitive skin around that area can be gently whitened with the special ´bleaching effect´ of the ero anal WHITENING Cream. A bit of cream is applied to the anal area and then massaged into the skin. The cream s..
CHF 21.49
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Brand: ANOS
Enjoy relaxed anal sex!Anal care spray with cooling effect for smoothly penetration. -Pflegespray mit kühlendem Effekt für problemloses Eindringen. Mucosa- and skin-friendly, free from oil and water soluble. 30-ml-spray flacon...
CHF 19.33
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Brand: Bathmate
For trendy intimate hair cuts or a completely smooth shave!Razor for the intimate area with a rechargeable battery. Shaving the intimate area is recommended for people using a penis pump because it helps the vacuum stay sealed so that the pump can be used to its full potential. Includes 5 different ..
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For soft private parts!This hair removal cream softly and gently removes annoying hairs. Your skin will be soft and look neat. Simply apply the cream generously on the body parts to depilate and allow to soak for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the strength of the hair. Then thoroughly remove the ha..
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Brand: Hot
Clitoris cream with high-quality extracts and oils. Put a fingertip sized amount of the cream on the outer labia and clitoris and gently rub it in. If you are using a condom, please wait for the cream to completely sink in (approx. 5 minutes). From the ero black line. 50 ml tube...
CHF 21.43
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Brand: Hot
Upgrade your climax and enjoy refreshing sensations with this clitoral creme. 30 ml...
CHF 16.10
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Brand: Eros
Stimulation for his sensitive spots!Skin-friendly penis care spray that is sprayed on the penis and provides a fresh and tingling sensation. The vitalising and nurturing substances arnica and clove nourish the skin. 30 ml.For external use only.Important: Do not use with condoms!..
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Men's personal massage cream. For external use! 40 ml tube...
CHF 21.49
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Brand: Penis XXL
Bestseller!Approven penis XXL massage cream with gingko extracts, perfect for caring after having intercourse. test it! Improved formula: even more skin-friendly. Condom-friendly. 200 ml tube...
CHF 21.49
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Brand: Penis XXL
Contains gingko essences enhancing the blood circulation . Can also be used as a care product before and after sex care. Condom friendly. Content: 80 ml..
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Brand: Pjur
Hygiene for the hands and skin! This disinfectant, from the high-quality brand pjur, works within 30 seconds against bacteria and enveloped viruses. It is also free from alcohol, perfume and microplastics. 100 ml. Please note: to disinfect hygienically, please apply 3 ml of the disinfectant to the p..
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